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A Polemica do Vestido ensina: Nós vemos o que pensamos!

Caso prefira uma versão resumida, leia A Ciência por trás do #TheDress A cor do vestido virou viral. Todos alvoroçados e discutindo se o vestido é dourado-e-branco ou azul-e-preto. Caitlin McNeil, a dona do vestido e da foto que originou a discussão, já revelou que o vestido é azul-e-preto, mas a discussão não para porque agora as pessoas […]

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago: Review

According to the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, IL) “the color of an object is determined by the specific wavelengths of lights that it absorbs and reflects” but THIS IS NOT TRUE. This wrong definition is presented in the Color Booth and situated in the Science Storm Exhibition. Here are some explanations about why color […]

Herb & Dorothy

Herb & Dorothy

“A couple of very modest means manages to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history.” “It all began in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan… An art collection built by a postal clerk and a librarian that has now spread throughout America.” They have spent their lives paying the bills with […]