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Elysium (2013) Review

Written, co-produced and directed by Neill Blomkamp, Elysium means a place or condition of ideal happiness. The movie happens in 2154 but it is an obvious metaphor for life on Earth nowadays. It is so obvious that when the director was asked about his science fiction, he answered “No, no, no. This isn’t science fiction. This is today. […]

Netflix: The Big Brother and the Entertainment Manipulation

by Kate Epstein The Snowden leaks and ensuing debates about our government, big data, and privacy have led to more Orwell allusions than I’ve heard in all of my (admittedly post-1984) life. It’s hard not to compare the constant surveillance of twenty-first-century America to the ubiquitous presence of Big Brother in the prescient 1949 novel. […]

Netflix: Quando o Entretenimento nos Entorpece

Netflix e Espionagem – O Admirável Mundo Novo do Banco de Dados  Por Kate Epstein, no Counterpunch “Os vazamentos de [Richard] Snowden e o debate que se seguiu sobre nosso governo [dos Estados Unidos], banco de dados e privacidade levou a mais alusões a [George] Orwell do que eu já havia escutado em minha (admitidamente pós-1984) vida. […]