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Aversão a Ambiguidade

  As pessoas em geral detestam ambiguidade e preferem qualquer tipo de risco que não seja obscuro, indeterminado, ambivalente. Em outras palavras, as possibilidades bem especificadas são preferidas em detrimento das possibilidades incertas – mesmo que os ganhos bem especificados sejam de valores mais baixos que os incertos. Esse viés é irracional e tem nome: […]

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago: Review

According to the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, IL) “the color of an object is determined by the specific wavelengths of lights that it absorbs and reflects” but THIS IS NOT TRUE. This wrong definition is presented in the Color Booth and situated in the Science Storm Exhibition. Here are some explanations about why color […]

How to Read a Scientific Paper

How to Read a Scientific Paper

When reading a Science Paper, we have to focus on identifying some basic informations. Therefore, we have to first understand how to identify each of them: Background: Every paper presents the scenario in the previous literature that left a door open, leading to the present study. Usually, the authors start talking about it in order […]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Would you erase me from your life and memory? The movie “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” underlies the scientific discussion about whether our mind is governed by localized or distributed activity in the brain. Is the neural orchestra of our mental functions localized or distributed throughout the brain? The movie starts with the localized […]