23 de novembro de 2012

Lincoln, the Movie

Very difficult dialogues in an old-fashioned English with a very strong accent, “Lincoln” is not an easy movie but worth watching with astonishing Day-Lewis (Lincoln) and […]
6 de janeiro de 2013

Are some celebrities eccentric or sick?

If you ever felt that your uniqueness means that you are not like other people, and you do not have human limitation, you have entered the […]
13 de maio de 2013

Who is the Colored Man? By Léopold Sédar Senghor

Dear white brother, When I was born, I was black, When I grew up, I was black, When I am in the sun, I am black, […]
26 de junho de 2013

Entre Nos, the Movie

“Entre Nos is a bio/true story about a woman’s struggle to survive in New York City with her two children after being abandoned by her husband. The […]