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Pixação: What is Pixo?

PIXO is a Brazilian documentary (2009) directed by João Wainer and Roberto T. Oliveira: And here an article written by Marcio Siwi for The Guardian about Pixação and Graffiti: If Brazil is “not for beginners”, as the composer Antonio Carlos Jobim once said, then its great urban centre, São Paulo, is certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s not just […]

In “Manda Bala”: Jader Barbalho and Magrinho, 2 kidnappers from Brazil. Which is worse?

Manda Bala is a masterpiece. This documentary shows the criminal politician (sorry for the pleonasm), Jader Barbalho, who steals the dignity of millions of Brazilians and still manages to own all the communication networks in Pará and, thus, manipulate these same millions to continue voting for him. On the other side, the film shows the […]