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In Defense of the Tentacular Family

Today’s psychoanalysts make a mistake that Freud would not have made if he were alive. Issues such as fratricidal rivalry and incest interdiction are not consequences of a nuclear family structure, that is, monogamous, patriarchal, endogamous. These questions are biological, evolutionary in the strict sense of the word. But despite these analytical errors, the article […]

Pixação: What is Pixo?

PIXO is a Brazilian documentary (2009) directed by João Wainer and Roberto T. Oliveira: And here an article written by Marcio Siwi for The Guardian about Pixação and Graffiti: If Brazil is “not for beginners”, as the composer Antonio Carlos Jobim once said, then its great urban centre, São Paulo, is certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s not just […]