In “Manda Bala”: Jader Barbalho and Magrinho, 2 kidnappers from Brazil. Which is worse?

Manda Bala Poster

Manda Bala is a masterpiece. This documentary shows the criminal politician (sorry for the pleonasm), Jader Barbalho, who steals the dignity of millions of Brazilians and still manages to own all the communication networks in Pará and, thus, manipulate these same millions to continue voting for him. On the other side, the film shows the criminal kidnapper, Magrinho, who uses part of the money obtained from the kidnappings and bank robberies to buy medicines, install sewage, etc. in your slum. Skinny is a criminal because he kills, but he is probably much less criminal than Jader Barbalho. If he didn’t kill, he would be a Robin Hood…but no, he kills. Skinny must be half the age of Jader Barbalho and he certainly won’t reach the age of the latter. In the favela or in jail, it won’t last long and we’ll soon forget about it (except for its victims and the inhabitants of its favela). Jader Barbalho is another story: his name will forever be registered on large avenues, etc. The logic seems crazy, but the madness is part of this Brazilian (and also global) society so distorted in which we live. As the anti-kidnapping detective said, we don’t have a cop for every rich person in São Paulo. Unsafe armored cars feel entitled to flaunt their wealth. These people have a very peculiar vision of life: they think they are better, but they feel no obligation to build a better society, only if the act brings them an egoic massage – of course. I’ve heard comments like: “the rich are more evolved, the poor are less evolved because they still need to be concerned with basic needs.” In the film, one of the best examples in this regard is Mr. M, the most typical paulistano novoricho in an armored car with all the ignorance that is his due and without the slightest notion of ridicule. On the other hand, an example of conscience is the girl who one day was kidnapped, had her ear reconstructed and says she understands the minds of her kidnappers: “they were born in violence and never knew another world”. Politicians like Jader Barbalho make it impossible for the millions who were born into poverty to know a better world. In a perfect metaphor, the SUDAN scandal shows that Barbalho treats his frogs in captivity the same way he treats his constituents. Both have no future. Barbalhos are the worst kidnappers in Brazil, they steal the future of the Brazilian people.

two criminals
Barbalho, o melhor fabricador de criminosos como Magrinho
Mr. M: o mais típico exemplo do paulistano  novo rico de carro blindado com toda ignorância que lhe cabe sem a menor noção de ridículo.
Mr. M: o mais típico exemplo do paulistano novo rico de carro blindado com toda ignorância que lhe cabe sem a menor noção de ridículo.

Written by Feitosa-Santana

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