Month: January 2013


Mother and son, Muna and Fadi, are tired of the bombs and checking points of the occupied Palestine, and they decided to join their relatives in Chicago but they arrived in the US right after the nine-eleven… They are not even Muslims but, for the average American, they are just stupid Muslims or potential terrorists… […]

Are some celebrities eccentric or sick?

If you ever felt that your uniqueness means that you are not like other people, and you do not have human limitation, you have entered the arena that Greek writers called “tragedy”.  In this arena, all Greek heroes often had the same flaws, excessive pride. It happens when people fail to accept human limitation, and […]

Monsieur Lazhar (2012)

Monsieur Lazhar touches the children world, the death world, the immigrant world, the silent world, the unfair world. In other words, it is about oppression and omission. All a child need is love and safeness to express themselves… Review by Stephen Holden: “”In the indelible opening scene of Philippe Falardeau’s “Monsieur Lazhar,” Simon (Émilien Néron), a sixth grader at […]

Cote d’Azur (Crustaces & Coquillages) (2005)

Cote D’Azur is a delightful comedy that talks about sexuality in a very light way. Maybe too light to be true but there is no doubt that it would be good to be true. This movie is adorable, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is gorgeous.