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The Long List of What we Know because of Manning

Written by Greg Mitchell at The Nation: “”The debate in the media, and in political circles over Edward Snowden—Right or Wrong—often doubles back on references to Pfc. Manning, who was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison on Wednesday. Too often (that is, most of the time), the value and import of the Manning/WikiLeaks disclosures are […]

Inhale: a Movie about Organ Trafficking

Anyone that goes to the black market looking for an organ is perpetuating the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. It is estimated that 15 thousand people are killed every year to have their organs sold to someone that pays for it.  A father desperate to find a lung donor to save his daughter’s life travels to Mexico to buy […]

About Snowden: I speak as an American Resident and as a Brazilian Citizen.

Today, I feel an orphan. Today, I am ashamed to be an American resident as well as a Brazilian citizen. Today, Brazil does not represent me. Today, my nation has decided to ignore the fact that Edward Snowden is asking for political exile. Today, my nation is ignoring that Snowden is one of the most […]


Mother and son, Muna and Fadi, are tired of the bombs and checking points of the occupied Palestine, and they decided to join their relatives in Chicago but they arrived in the US right after the nine-eleven… They are not even Muslims but, for the average American, they are just stupid Muslims or potential terrorists… […]