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The Polemica do Vestido teaches: We see what we think!

If you prefer a short version, read  The dress color went viral. Everyone fussing over whether the dress is gold-and-white or blue-and-black. Caitlin McNeil, the owner of the dress and the photo that originated the discussion, has already revealed that the dress is blue-and-black, but the discussion doesn’t stop because now people want to understand […]

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago: Crítica

According to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, “the color of an object is determined by its specific absorption and reflection wavelengths,” but this is not true. This erroneous definition is presented in the “Color Booth” which is part of the “Science Storms” Exhibition. Here are some explanations for why color is not exclusively […]

Perceptual Constancy and Audrey Heller’s Photography

Perceptual constancy is an important aspect of our interaction with the world. The size constancy is the easiest one to understand. For example, two telephone poles look the same size when the first is viewed from 100 meters and when the second is viewed from 1 meter, even though the visual angle is very different. A […]