Ano: 2012


Você já ouviu falar? Se não ouviu falar considere-se feliz porque depois do que eu lhe contar vai poder evitá-lo para o resto da vida. Se já ouviu falar você tem três opções: 1 – Gosta muito, acha que resolveu seu problema ou o do seu filho e está muito feliz com o resultado. 2 […]

Perceptual Constancy and Audrey Heller’s Photography

Perceptual constancy is an important aspect of our interaction with the world. The size constancy is the easiest one to understand. For example, two telephone poles look the same size when the first is viewed from 100 meters and when the second is viewed from 1 meter, even though the visual angle is very different. A […]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Would you erase me from your life and memory? The movie “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” underlies the scientific discussion about whether our mind is governed by localized or distributed activity in the brain. Is the neural orchestra of our mental functions localized or distributed throughout the brain? The movie starts with the localized […]