Month: November 2012

Lincoln, the Movie

Very difficult dialogues in an old-fashioned English with a very strong accent, “Lincoln” is not an easy movie but worth watching with astonishing Day-Lewis (Lincoln) and Lee-Jones (Stevens) performances. What is even more impressive is to realize that even after 150 years post the abolition of slavery, we are now discussing the fair opportunity in […]

My Birthday with Steve McQueen

It is not everybody that is keen of contemporary art but – for sure – everyone is capable of appreciating it. All we need is sensitivity and education.  The Black British artist Steve McQueen is only a little more than 40 years old but already acclaimed all over the world. So, today was my birthday […]


Você já ouviu falar? If you haven’t heard of it, consider yourself happy because after what I tell you, you’ll be able to avoid it for the rest of your life. If you’ve heard of it, you have three options: 1 – You like it a lot, you think you have solved your problem or […]