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What is going on in Brazil: From 20 cents to everything else.

From 20 cents to everything else — the struggle for the narrative in Brazil  – by Vanessa Zettler “One Brazil for all” to celebrate the reversal of a fare hike on public transportation, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 20, 2013. (Flickr/Sebástian Freire) Although not isolated from the uprisings that have been taking place around the world, the […]

It’s all True, by Orson Welles [É tudo Verdade, de Orson Welles]

It is a master piece, and a huge lesson about Brazil’s culture. I am astonished with Orson’s sight, and how he fell in love with Brazilians. It is impressive! Besides the fact that it is *still* all true. Nothing really changed. Review by Vincent Canby (NY Times): It’s All True: Reconstructing the Tale Of a Wellesian […]