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Aversion to Ambiguity

  People in general hate ambiguity and prefer any kind of risk that is not obscure, indeterminate, ambivalent. In other words, the well-specified possibilities are preferred over the uncertain possibilities – even if the well-specified gains are of lower values ​​than the uncertain ones. This bias is irrational and has a name: Ellsberg paradox. This […]

Early to Rise? Ordinary and Happy. Late-to-Bed-Late-to-Rise? Intelligent and Depressed.

According to the University of Madrid and the London School of Economics, those who wake up early have more time just to mediocrity. Those who sleep later and wake up later are generally smarter. Those who sleep late and wake up late have better analytical thinking, conceptual and critical. Despite some exceptions, such as Thomas […]

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago: Review

According to the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, IL) “the color of an object is determined by the specific wavelengths of lights that it absorbs and reflects” but THIS IS NOT TRUE. This wrong definition is presented in the Color Booth and situated in the Science Storm Exhibition. Here are some explanations about why color […]

How to Read a Scientific Paper

When reading a Science Paper, we have to focus on identifying some basic informations. Therefore, we have to first understand how to identify each of them: Background: Every paper presents the scenario in the previous literature that left a door open, leading to the present study. Usually, the authors start talking about it in order […]