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Foxcatcher: O Poder do Poder!

Estamos bastante acostumados a frase “o poder corrompe” mas raramente paramos para refletir sobre a mesma. De acordo com Robert Trivers, ao adquirir poder, o mesmo corrompe instantaneamente o nosso processo mental. O que isso significa? Significa que quanto mais poder sentimos (empoderamento), menos consideramos o ponto de vista alheio e mais centramos nosso pensamentos […]


Review by Grady Harp: “”It is refreshing to visit the Israeli/Palestinian conflict form a vantage too seldom shared in cinema. Director Julian Schnabel once again proves that he understands human responses in the face of political conflict. Rula Jebreal has adapted her own novel which in turn is a biography of her involvement in the history […]

Queen to Play (Joueuse), the Movie

Hélène (Sandrine Bonnaire) is a maid and, after observing a couple playing chess in the hotel where she works, she gets interested in learning how to play it. She buys one set for her husband’s birthday but he does not find it attractive. She starts playing by herself and gets so obsessed by the game that […]