Reality is a point of view!


It is frightening to discover that there is no reality and therefore the world is an illusion. What is illusion? It is the deception of the senses, exchanging the real appearance for a false one. Reminder: we do not have access to the real. In general, we all create the same world and that’s probably why together we create the illusion that we perceive reality when, in fact, that reality is just a point of view shared by all of us. The problem is that there are other perceptions that are modifieds by experience. Alas, my reality depends on my experience while your reality depends on yours. This is the case with political positioning. Our reality is always relative. Since our brain is not able to perceive the world as it is, what does it do? He creates a world that can be useful to us and that therefore becomes our reality. And the reality we think we perceive is just a perspective, sometimes shared by many and sometimes shared by few or none. As Drummond said, “each one chose according to his whim, his illusion, his myopia”. And what do you need to do? I need to know your experience so I can understand your reality. Without this effort, there is no possibility of understanding each other. 

Written by Feitosa-Santana

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