The Tyranny of Travel



Transcript of speaks of Leandro Karnal (starts at 6:30):

“When I don’t have flavor in the things I live and do, I multiply the things I live and do… And I talk more, and go out more, and party more, and have more friends, and travel more, and not I stop traveling because as I can’t be with me, I want to be all over the world because I don’t tolerate being in my house or thinking. So I have to be under stress at the airport and visiting…

Have you ever been to Argentina? Already!

Have you ever been to Buenos Aires? Already!

Have you ever been to Córdoba? Already!

But do you know Salta? Oh, I don’t know Salta. So let’s go to Salta…

And Patagonia? Do you know Patagonia?

And Mar del Plata? In other words, it’s a life …

A life to run, run, run. Until I get so dizzy I lose consciousness of myself. That’s why we travel more than we’ve ever traveled in the past… because we’re not seeing anything anymore. And we take pictures that go to the computer and won’t be seen by anyone or will be sent to 10,000 people who won’t see or will be jealous of me traveling.”

Anyway, travel is also consumption and has no end…


Written by Feitosa-Santana

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