Você já ouviu falar?
If you haven’t heard of it, consider yourself happy because after what I tell you, you’ll be able to avoid it for the rest of your life.
If you’ve heard of it, you have three options:
1 – You like it a lot, you think you have solved your problem or your child’s and are very happy with the result.
2 – Had a bad experience like me and hates it. (These please contact and report side effects to the FDA).
3 – You are going through some problems that may be similar to mine but you don’t know what it is. It is for you that I will narrate my story.
Let’s get to the facts:
A boy of almost 6 years. Happy, fit, normal parents.
She’s jealous of her sister, nothing to worry about more than that.
Occasionally a bronchitis attack that has been rescued in time has no major consequences. Inhalations, rarely using a steroid to relieve symptoms.
The pediatrician decided to prescribe the fashionable medicine – SINGULAIR. Perfect, the final word for avoiding allergic respiratory crises of any kind. You can give without worrying. SINGULAIR even looks like an herbal medicine, something harmless.
The child has changed. Almost depressed, sad and aggressive, something previously unimaginable. Suddenly tics. Blinking a lot, putting her hands over her eyes and squeezing.
The school had sent out a circular warning about cases of bacterial conjunctivitis, so what do we think? Symptoms of conjunctivitis.
The mother and father had traveled and for the first time were absent from his life for approximately 2 weeks. The tic is emotional. What would you think?
Problems at school with a friend.
Does the whole context justify the tics? No. He was very prepared for the absence of his parents, he is very much loved by everyone around him and the tics were intense and appeared very suddenly. The parents came back and the tics got worse.
In a harrowing dawn I searched the internet and, at a moment I don’t know exactly when, I remembered an event in which I had something similar due to Plasil, a medicine that I can never take again. I made an analogy with the only medication he was taking: SINGULAIR.
I went to research and found on websites in English (there is nothing in Portuguese) that the aforementioned drug has been under suspicion since 2008. Among its many side effects is the finding that it causes tics in users.
The research was deepened by my daughter and became scientific research.
This is a very representative number of cases registered with the FDA and the laboratory in the US, given the vast number of those taking the drug. Its effects can appear in a short time of use or in a long time, that is, at any time.
Here I am only focusing on tics without counting depression, aggressiveness and several others that appear in the Brazilian leaflet. Tics do not appear here in the Brazilian research or in the package insert. Not to mention that it is also related to suicide cases.
A homeopath prescribed the medicine. She doesn’t believe it’s the medicine’s effect even though she doesn’t really know anything about it.
The neuro that examined the child said: it’s all the effect of the medication.
Now the big, harrowing question: will it pass?
As I write this text, we were contacted by the pediatrician who prescribed the medicine. She was informed by the laboratory that the symptoms reported are due to the medication and that they will go away in two to three weeks.
We got here through a pediatric neurologist, two ophthalmic patients, the first a zero on the left that did not help, the second excellent, examined in depth and detected excessive dryness, dryness which is a consequence of the medication and cause of all the annoyance, being responsible for the blinks . Now, wait and believe that everything will be resolved.
The problem is: as there is nothing here about the effects of this remedy? Some prescribing doctors just say they’ve never heard of anything against it, but the laboratory itself confirms that all reported symptoms are on SINGULAIR’s list of side effects.
Should we simply accept that a professional does not study and does research on a drug that he will pass on to his patients (clients)?
Consumers who took SINGULAIR or administered it to their children and did not have any negative symptoms, are satisfied with the results, they do not have the right to think that whoever presented a process already verified as having a side effect, in the case discussed here of Tics, only should refer to a pediatrician or psychologist. They understand that it is not the medicine, but it is a process that occurred to those who have psychological disorders. It would be good for them to go deeper into the research before issuing opinions without foundation in knowledge and research.
We do need to be more discerning in what we administer to our children and not blindly trust what we are prescribed. It is important to weigh on a scale to what extent the apparently beneficial effects will not bring negative effects later on.
SINGULAIR was the trigger of the process. Just living what we lived in these weeks to evaluate. No emotional stress could so suddenly generate so many emotional and physical disturbances that have already been seen in other patients.
It is a pity that we still have doctors who prescribe it without addressing its risks or, worse, without even knowing the endless list of side effects.
Lazy doctors, with no updates and who are convinced by representatives of laboratories who are little concerned about the consequences that the administration of their new products may have.
Now, our objective here is just to alert you, who are using it, to take precautions, to observe so that you don’t have a suffering ahead. We just want to avoid a problem for those who are in the hands of incompetent and lazy professionals.
We have plenty of material(*) for those interested and please share this alert regarding SINGULAIR’S SIDE EFFECTS.
Written by Feitosa-Santana

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