Sand Captains

Sand Captains
Sand Captains – Movie Actors

I read Captains of Sand a long time ago… by Jorge Amado. Today I watched the movie. A perfection! And to think that we can still go back and reduce the age of criminal responsibility. If that happens, Brazil will take a thousand steps backwards. How can it be possible for every 9 in 10 Brazilians to think that reducing the age of criminal responsibility will reduce the current violence practiced by minors? Answer: absence of world citizenship and knowledge, that is, absence of total education. Capitães de Areia is a perfect example that the change in the law will not change the life of marginal minors at all… the only solution to give dignity to these marginalized children and adolescents is for the State to comply with the public policies required to ensure constitutional compliance and, mainly, the Child and Adolescent Statute. Reducing the age of criminal responsibility is, once again, turning our backs on millions of children who need love, respect and education. The only way to reduce minor crime. Reducing the age of criminal responsibility is not the way.

Read more: The impossibility of reducing the age of criminal responsibility in Brazil by Luis Fernando de Andrade and, The reduction of criminal ageand racial theories: the return of a political-pedagogical debate that thoughtovertaken by Evaldo Luis Pauly and Gilberto Ferreira da Silva.


Written by Feitosa-Santana

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