Pass Line, the Movie (2008)

Linha de Passe Filme

A typical low middle class building in SP. The director is the great Walter Salles together with Daniela Thomas. The first movie (for myself) with 5 main characters. Worth watching if you appreciate Brazilian movies… or if you wanna know about Brazil.

Sandra Corveloni won the Cannes award for best actress.

“One is a little kid obsessed with the suspicion that the local bus driver is his dad; one is an evangelical Christian boiling with suppressed sexuality and doubt; one is a motorbike courier tempted into lucrative street crime, and the last is a brilliant footballer who needs cash to bribe a talent scout.”

With this good description of  Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian) concludes that Linha de Passe is a disappointment, I concluded that it is about the real life of poor Brazilians that are always at the poverty line (the title linha de passe is the metaphor) that means one step from crime, death, unemployment, etc. He is right to say that it is well acted and confidently shot but his problem is that he does not know anything about Brazil.

I am Brazilian and I know what I am talking about: It is a 5-stars movie.

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Written by Feitosa-Santana

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