Living is Precarious

Moraga St., Inner Sunset, San Francisco
Moraga St., Inner Sunset, San Francisco

Transcription of Father Fábio de Melo’s speech in an interview with Marília Gabriela on 01/19/2014:

“We lack the opportunity and willingness to deal with what is precarious. Living is precarious, all the time. It is the story of nudity. We are expelled from paradise and somehow we need to find an outfit that will shelter us from this existential cold. Where are they the clothes that shelter us? These clothes need to be real. I need to have real friends, I need to have friends with defects and qualities that I chose to be by my side. And often in the idealized (virtual) relationship we do not allow this meeting… We give up the real and let’s live immature all the time, with the phrases of the Little Prince that should be abolished:

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”

This sucks! And I listen all the time… because those in need on duty threaten me with that phrase. I assume that there are things in life that only I can give myself. I have no right to expect you to give it to me. It’s part of my personal dimension. So I have to take care of my life. I don’t have to throw the burdens that are mine on you. Oh that person who makes no effort to live this balance, to belong, she lives eternally immature, she looks at you and throws you this catchphrase… “look, from the moment you conquer me you are responsible for me”… This is a lie, this is criminal, this is captivity… The captivity of the other… The other, who, when he does not have affective maturity, will work under these catchphrases that take us away of the responsibility to be who we are, to heal our wounds.

Who is not hurt in this life? Who has not been betrayed? Have you not been deceived? All of us… But let’s make this loss ours in the first place. I will articulate myself to be a better human being in my relationships.”


Written by Feitosa-Santana

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