History of Gossip in One Paragraph


We are a social animal and cooperation is essential for our well-being and, above all, for the well-being of our children. 70,000 years ago, we were food gatherers and even then it seemed much more important to exchange information about other humans than about other animals. Why? It is very beneficial to know in advance who is honest and who is dishonest, and therefore to know who is worth cooperating with. It was at this time that we wanted toinvolve our language and so, unlike other primates who are also interested in having information about their peers, we began to talk for hours about the behavior and personality of others. . What is the name of this? Gossip. Does it sound like a joke? But it is not. Gossip theory is one of the best to explain the evolution of language. Note that even today gossip is one of the favorite subjects. Whether in a cafe or on the news, it’s always good to get a feel for who is trustworthy. After all, who doesn’t like good gossip?

Written by Feitosa-Santana

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