Color Vision

6 de abril de 2012

Color is in the Brain

Color is often thought to be a quality of light but this is not so. For example, the expression the ocean is blue uses a perceptual […]
30 de abril de 2012

The Eskimo Snow Vocabulary Hoax

It is well known that humans have an eagerness to embrace exotic facts, and here we have an old hoax that is still believed to be […]
13 de julho de 2013

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago: Review

According to the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, IL) “the color of an object is determined by the specific wavelengths of lights that it absorbs […]
4 de março de 2015

The Neuroscience of #TheDress

Color perception is as relative as human perception in general, and it is easy to understand this statement if we use price as an example. The […]