Month: August 2013

The Long List of What we Know because of Manning

Written by Greg Mitchell at The Nation: “”The debate in the media, and in political circles over Edward Snowden—Right or Wrong—often doubles back on references to Pfc. Manning, who was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison on Wednesday. Too often (that is, most of the time), the value and import of the Manning/WikiLeaks disclosures are […]

On violence in street demonstrations, the nature of the Black Bloc’s actions

By Pablo Ortellado: “”The democratic Estadão does not accept a reply for opinion articles, so I publish here my thoughts on the article by Demetrius Magnoli that appeared in yesterday’s edition of the newspaper. On violence in street demonstrations: Last Thursday, Demetrio Magnoli published in São Paulo an article entitled “On the fringes of the […]

House of the Stars: The Universe told by Children

Casa das Estrelas: The Universe told by Children, organized by Javier Naranjo, is a dictionary made by children. Some examples of the definitions written by the children: Adult: A person who, in every thing he speaks, speaks first of himself (Andrés Felipe Bedoya, 8 years old) old man: He’s a man who sits all day (Maryluz Arbeláez, 9 years […]

Queen to Play (Joueuse), the Movie

Hélène (Sandrine Bonnaire) is a maid and, after observing a couple playing chess in the hotel where she works, she gets interested in learning how to play it. She buys one set for her husband’s birthday but he does not find it attractive. She starts playing by herself and gets so obsessed by the game that […]