Month: July 2013

Wake up early? Mediocre and happy. Sleep late and wake up late? Smart and depressing.

De acordo com a Universidad de Madrid e a London School of Economics and Political Science, those who wake up earlier have more time just for mediocrity. Those who sleep later and wake up later are generally smarter. Those who sleep late and wake up late, in addition to being more intelligent, have better analytical, conceptual […]

The Boston bomb suspect’s Rolling Stone cover: Aren’t we forgetting people used to be innocent until proven guilty?

By Sophie McAdam. “”The Rolling Stone story breaks not only “traditions of journalism”, but several media laws and ethical boundaries that are crucial in a fair, free, democratic society.  Cast your mind back, if you can, to that sunny and carefree pre-911 world, where intelligent people didn’t have panic attacks over dark-skinned men on buses carrying […]