Month: June 2013

Political Reform and Neoconstitutionalism

According to the post-doctor in constitutional law, Daniel Sarmento, “Brazilian law has undergone profound changes in recent times, related to the emergence of a new paradigm both in legal theory and in the practice of the courts, which has been designated as “< strong>neoconstitutionalism”. These changes, which develop under the aegis of the Constitution of […]

Coxinha – A Sociological Analysis

The “Random, Occasional & Livre” explains “a phenomenon is spreading rapidly across the megalopolis of São Paulo: the “coxinhas”. It’s a grand phenomenon that provides endless discussion. After all, who are the coxinhas, what do they want, how did this phenomenon originate?” Read in full: Coxinha – a sociological analysis. 

World Cup 2014 – Brazil

Brazilians don’t need new stadiums for the  World Cup 2014 – Brazil. What we need is education and health treatment for our people that will not be able to afford tickets to watch the games or have their lives changed by this event. Watch this video: World Cup 2014 – Brazil.